Analyzing the difference between APA and CBE style

APA is the most commonly used writing format and it is for this reason that comparisons between it and other writing formats are done. Although there are significant differences between APA and CBE, it is important to note that the two are similar in the sense that they both require the project being addressed to be arranged in four stages. Both formats demand that the paper be having a title page, abstract, the body and finally the reference lists page. It is however, how the content in each stage is addressed that brings out the differences between the two styles. If you are required to write a paper with either of these and then required to translate it to the other format, you should be in a position to come up with the differences so that you can understand which places to change. The information below will provide a detailed insight on the difference between APA and CBE style one needs to keep in mind when writing academic papers.

How the CBE style differs from the APA style

Although both of these formats agree that the content in these projects should be double-spaced, CBE does not really specify whether or not the reference/bibliography should be double-spaced. It is solely up to the writer to determine whether or not to double space the reference list, but in some cases the professor may have stipulated whether to double space or not in the project instructions. APA, on the other hand, requires that every page in the project be double spaced whether it is the reference page or the title page. The order of the entries into the reference list is to be listed alphabetically and one is recommended not to include articles that may come between the names when using the CBE format.

Further differences between the two

The CBE format is also different from the APA format in the aspect of coming up with the reference list and the bibliography. This is a major point worth mentioning when one is discussing the difference between APA and CBE style. The reference list of a project written in APA should be a true reflection of all the sources that have been cited in the text. The CBE style guide on the other hand requires that the writer of the project comes up with a bibliography which only contains content that has been listed in the in-texts found in the body. Should there be additional sources that have not been in-texted, the writer is expected to come up with a title, say for instance additional information or any other relevant title to accommodate those references that were t mentioned in the body although they aided the writer to come up with the content used in the project.

The in-texting process is also another area which vividly exhibits the difference between these two writing styles. The APA style requires that the in-text be cited with the last name of the author followed by the year of publication and then finally the page where that particular information is located. The CBE, on the other hand, only requires the name of the author and the year of publication of the source in question.

The main differences between writing styles using the APA citing help

In most cases, the differences between writing styles are clearly noticed in the reference list page or the bibliography. These two pages are what bring out the differences between any writing styles in comparison. Just like what is highlighted by the APA help center, there are some major differences between the referencing styles used by it and the CBE.

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