Today, getting online sources for coming up with an APA format paper for social sciences, education and psychology, among other sectors is common. However, just like using offline sources, you should also cite your online sources to avoid any plagiarism issues on your paper. That said, you may want to learn some of the ways on how to reference a website APA.

Tips On How to Reference a Website APA

At the most basic, a website entry includes the name of the author as well as the page title. It also includes the website address as well as the date of publication. In many cases, you may wan to use the format that included the title of the website, the title of the page and the date when the data is accessed.

In addition, you should refer the author’s name using the last name, the first name and the middle name (or initials).

If you were using a source with multiple authors, learn how to reference a website APA with several authors. Separate their names using a comm. Before writing the last author’s name, you can use an ampersand.

There are cases when an organization is the author. In other cases, you may need to use the page title if you don’t see any author.

In every citation, conclude with the word ‘retrieved.’ After, you should follow with the date when you have accessed the site.

Or, you can use the APA website citation generator for easy citing.

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