Together with MLA, Chicago, and Harvard, APA writing style is the most famous for research and scientific papers. APA format was developed and released as the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association in 1974.

Since then it was edited and republished numerous times, but the aim of the APA writing style remains the same – proper and transparent scientific reporting.

If you are wondering how to cite a magazine in APA style, you have come to the right place. You will have a detailed plan with citing examples in order to make referencing easy to understand and use. You may also need to know how to cite a magazine article in APA in the text, as quoting various works is a huge part of research papers. You should write an author’s last name and the year of the publication in parenthesis after the quote.

Do not forget to separate the last name and the year with a comma.

E.g., Lyft does not provide its drivers paid maternity leave or health insurance. (Tolentino, 2017)

More About APA Magazine Article Citation

You should remember that despite in-text citing, you will have to specify the source, in this case, a magazine article, in your list of references. In order to do so, there should be a full comprehension of how to cite a magazine article in APA. Follow this plan to avoid any misunderstandings:

  • The author’s last name and initials. If there are two authors, their names should be separated with an ampersand (&). If there are three or more authors, their names should be separated by commas.
  • The publication date. Ordinarily, magazines and journals use only a year and a month as a date of publication. You should write them in parenthesis and place a period afterward.
  • The name of the article should follow the date. Each first letter in every word should be capitalized, but there is no need for italicization or quote marks.
  • The name of the magazine or the journal. Italicize the name and capitalize the first letter of each word. Proceed with a coma.
  • The volume or/and the issue. The issue should not be italicized but the volume should. An issue number should also be in parenthesis and followed by a comma.
  • The page numbers where you can find the cited article. The first and the last page of the article should be separated with a hyphen and proceeded by a period.

E.g., Tolentino, J. (2017, March). The Gig Economy Celebrates Working Yourself to Death. New Yorker, 3, 10 – 11.

As you can see, creating a proper citation in APA style is not that difficult even though it may demand some practice. Nonetheless, if you still feel anxious about referencing magazine articles, our APA Bibliography generator will be the most useful tool at your disposal.

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