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Every student has to write some academic paper during his student life and while writing it he or she will obligatory face the necessity of using citations in the text, a list of bibliography, or reference. It is compulsory to cite the origins you use to make it legal without plagiarism. Students usually can apply a number of citing styles, depending on the discipline. Usually, one or two styles are used in a paper on a particular subject.

It is easy and quick to use an online APA citation generator for formatting citations in the necessary style, but you should be aware of the main principles of how to do this in the manual. That is why we offer this citation guide to make you familiar with the rules of citing from various sources: a book, a magazine, an article, a website, an essay, etc. Thanks to this guide you will get the main guidelines on creating quotations, footnotes, bibliographic lists in the main citation styles – APA, ASA, MLA, and Chicago. You will also find here some of the general examples of in-text quotations and reference lists of the main formats to understand how our online generator works.

What is compulsory to cite?

If you use anything that was already written by the other person:

  • Direct citations;
  • Paraphrasing;
  • The other student’s work
  • Your own work was written earlier.

You do not need to cite notions that are generally known. For example, you must not cite that Americans live in the US, but you must cite how one author described them in his book if you use this description.

What is included inciting?

Generally, there are 2 parts that should be cited properly in every work:

  1. In-text quotation. In every case you applied somebody’s words in your paper, it is obligatory to mention the origin in the text according to the sample for a particular format and source. This can be a footnote [e.g. ²] or a notation in the parentheses [e.g. (Koehler3)]. It gives the reader information about the full quotation of the source.
  2.  A list of sources. Usually, on the last page of your academic paper, there is a full list of sources used. This page has different names corresponding to the style applied.

What style is it better to use?

It is obligatory to apply the citation format recommended by your educational establishment or your supervisor in particular. If you are not provided with any strict recommendations as to the format required, you may apply any of the existing styles corresponding to the discipline you deal with.

The most often used styles are

  • APA style guide is introduced by the American Psychological Association for the papers in psychology and social sciences;
  • ASA style is offered by the American Sociological Association for students of sociology;
  • MLA style is made by the Modern Language Association of America to use in papers on humanities and liberal arts;
  • Chicago style is applied to history and anthropology works.

If you require detailed information on any particular style with examples of citation, choose the necessary Citation guides on this page.

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