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APA online book citation for APA format

APA citation guide provides a basic introduction to the APA citation style for books. This guide provides basic explanations and examples for the most common types of citations used by students. It is based on the 6th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association published in 2010 (2009). The Publication Manual is generally used for academic writing in the social sciences. The manual itself covers many aspects of research writing including selecting a topic, evaluating sources, taking notes, plagiarism, the mechanics of writing, the format of the research paper as well as the way to cite any sources like video, online bibliography, or photo. Creating references for APA online book citation within citation generator does not differ much from basic citing format. To create APA online book reference within citation machine retrieve followed information on cited source:

  • The author’s name;
  • The year of publication;
  • Book title;
  • Subtitle (optional);
  • URL address.

How to Cite a Book in APA

Provide the full URL address as it appears in your browser’s address bar, If the book has a DOI, use it instead of the URL address. The American Psychological Association created APA Writing Style in order to organize and simplify scientific papers and reports. The primary purpose of APA book citation format is proper references of the used published works. It helps authors to confirm their scientific approach, reassure readers in the integrity of the work, and of course, finally eliminate plagiarism from research papers. You need to know how to cite a book in APA style in order to write proper research or scientific paper. There are numerous ways of citing even when keeping it strictly to the APA format. We will discuss in-text book citation and citation in the list of references of the page or the whole book. You should know how to in-text cite a book using APA citation for a quick reference. This is the simplest method, as you will have to write the author’s last name and the publication year of the cited publication in the parenthesis after the quoted text. E.g., Towns that could control and manipulate the turquoise trade seem to have been amassing capital. (Thomas, 1994) It is a legit example of the in-text reference. However, when using this type of citation, you will still need to mention the source in the list of references. The following plan will help to organize citation correctly and show you how to cite a page in a book according to APA:

  • The author’s last name and initials.
  • The year when the book was first published in parenthesis.
  • The title of the book should be italicized, and the first letter of every word should be capitalized.
  • If you need to refer to a page in the book, you should write a number of the page in parenthesis after “p.” indicating a page.
  • If the publication has more than one edition, you should put it down in parenthesis after the title of the book.
  • If the book names an editor along with the author’s name, it should be listed in a reference: initials and last name with “Ed.” In parenthesis to indicate an editor.
  • The location and the publisher should conclude your citation.

E.g., Thomas, D. H. (1999). Exploring Ancient Native America: An Archaeological Guide (p. 101). New York and London: Routledge. E.g., Rosenbaum, R. A. (2005). The Penguin Encyclopedia of American History. Brinkley D. (Ed.). New York: Penguin Group.

It may turn out to be quite overwhelming to write proper APA book citation, especially, if you do not have much of experience in research or scientific writing. However, with some time and practice, you will master the skill. If you are still a bit anxious about legitimate citing, consider the KingCitation service. This free APA reference generator can help you to compose a correct reference to match APA and other popular formats. You have to choose the source you are going to cite, then fill out the form with the necessary information, click “Generate Citation,” and you will get a copyable reference in the window. The Cite Generator will help you to understand the algorithm of APA citation, and you will be able to do it by yourself in no time. ”

The various techniques involved in APA book citations make it very tedious work to make sure you have all your sources cited in the proper manner. For APA style, book citations differ according to the edition of the book, whether it has been reprinted, whether it is one of a series or another type of reference book. Our writers and editors at have the skills needed to ensure that all your citations are written perfectly. It is a normal part of the writing and editing process for all papers in which there is an APA style book citation.

APA Book Citations within the Document

Whenever you include a quote from a reference in a paper you have to make sure that you set it apart from your own writing. This is a requirement for the APA book format that is the standard for publications. In the APA style for books, you must place quotation marks around the exact words that you take from your source. Then you add the author’s name, the name of the book, and the page number in parenthesis after the quote to correctly cite in APA style books. When you have a long quote then you have to use a different method of writing the citation in APA style for books. If the quote you want to use is longer than 40 words then it has to be indented on the page separated by one line on the top and bottom from the rest of the text. You don’t have to use quotation marks for this type of APA style for book citations but you do have to include the author’s name, date, and page in parenthesis.


Rogers, C. R. (1961). On becoming a person. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. (Check out the full list from the library of the source:

Books: How to Cite APA Style

  • Start with the last name of the author as well as the year of the publication and title of the book. You should also include the name of the publisher.
  • Do not forget to reverse the name of the author in the format using his last name first then his first name and lastly his middle name. Only initials are used in the APA style to avoid any bias.
  • When citing the name of the publisher, do not forget to follow it by a colon. Do not include any terms such as Ltd., Co. and Corp., to name some.
  • When using a book chapter, be sure to highlight that particular chapter with a period before the title of the book. Put the page number inside a parenthesis between the period and the book title that will follow it.

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Other Types of APA Book Formats

Citing books APA style depends on the reference material you use. When you want to cite only a chapter from an edited book, you have to provide the author and name of the APA style book chapter as well as the book information. There is a lot to understand before you can feel comfortable writing and editing in APA book format and getting quality APA help. For the best help, you can count on

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