Most universities require students to write an APA style paper in every assignment they do for their courses. This is true of all disciplines and is particularly important in research papers, graduate level writing, such as a thesis or dissertation, articles for journals and so much more. Along with the time it takes to do the actual research, writing a paper in APA format is very time consuming. You can easily lose your train of thought when you are paying attention to APA style paper format in addition to writing the paper itself. There is no need to try to do two things at once when you can come to our experts at

Services We Offer for APA Style Paper Requests

We edit all types of papers to make sure they meet the requirements of an APA style format paper. This involves detailed reading of the material to ensure that you use concise words and portray the information about the topic as precisely and as clearly as possible. There are several aspects involved in writing an APA paper and then editing the writing before you are satisfied that it is as perfect as it can be.

These aspects include:

  • We write the Table of Contents correctly for you
  • We look at the page margins
  • Citations are a very important part of any APA style paper. We know how they should be written in the document, how to create APA footnotes and to create the bibliography for you
  • We check the citations as well to ensure that you do have the right page numbers.

The Latest Edition of APA Style Paper Guidelines

Our services in APA editing your documents to ensure compliance with APA style paper format includes ensuring that all our editors are current with any changes that occur. The 6th edition of the APA style manual includes adding a DOI number for all your references. There are also changes in the way in which headings are to be written. An APA style format paper can now contain headings in bold font – something you may not be aware of.