APA paraphrasing is a very complicated type of writing, which is why the majority of students find it challenging. At APA Editor.net our editors do not find it challenging, though, because of the wealth of knowledge and expertise that they have with paraphrasing in APA style writing. Paraphrasing in APA format means that you have to restate or summarize information using different words and phrases that convey the same meaning. You expand on the main idea presented in a document using your own ideas.

We Follow Guidelines for APA Paraphrasing

The most common method of using paraphrasing APA style is in the way you use citations from reference sources in the essay. APA paraphrasing in citation refers to taking a main idea from a source and rewriting it in your own words while still giving the author credit for the idea. APA format paraphrasing requires that you provide the author’s name and the date of publication written in brackets after the name. It is important not to use the same style of writing as the original author.

Although there are many examples available that demonstrate how to paraphrase in APA format in your essay it may still be difficult for you to put this into practice. You can rely on the help our experts provide in ensuring that your essay demonstrates that you can handle this type of writing in APA style paraphrasing.

We Do not Simply Use Synonyms in APA Paraphrasing

You may think that the process of paraphrasing in APA simply means changing a few words in the original statement by using synonyms. That is not so. The manner in which we use APA paraphrasing is that we read the citation and gain an understanding of the idea. Then we rewrite this statement in completely different words so that the reader will immediately see that you have put your own spin on the idea and relate it to the topic of your paper. Another aspect of the APA style paraphrasing is that you do have to be clear and concise without copying the words of the author.