APA editing starts with the title page of your paper. You may think it strange to start with this instead of the first page of the actual writing for the paper, but our APA editing services want to make sure that every part of your paper is perfect. At apastylegenerator.com we know that there are guidelines for the format that a title page should have just as there are for all other sections of the writing. The very first thing that we check on is whether or not you have the Running Head written in the correct manner – with every word capitalized in the title.

Other Major Aspects of APA Editing

From beginning to end the editor assigned to your order will scrutinize every aspect of the paper as part of APA editing. You should have a Running Head n each page and there are specific guidelines to follow for writing the abstract. This section of your paper should be between 150 and 250 words and should present a concise summary of the paper to the reader. We take a careful look at this when doing APA style editing because it is the first glimpse of what the reader will see and can play a significant role in determining how well you do with the grade. As part of the job of editor, APA requirements are always front and center when reading a paper.

APA Editing for Citations and References

Another critical element in APA editing is the manner in which you cite your sources and include the references. When you paraphrasing in APA a main idea from a source this has to be done in such a way that there is no hint of plagiarism and you must include the author’s surname and the date of the publication. If you are citing direct sentences then you must use quotation marks to show that this is not your writing. If the piece you want to insert is more than 40 words in length then it has to have its own section of the page and be indented from the rest.

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